Hey, this photo is © Sergio Busà


I’m passionated photograher, approached for the first time to photography at age 20. After completing my studies in biology, soon I began to alternate work to photography, focusing on personal research works and social projects. Passionate about portraiture and street photography I have attended From 2010 to today an intensive training course at the School of Photography “ACSI Matteotti Palermofoto” in collaboration with the magazine IL FOTOGRAFO. I had the opportunity to benefit from the criticism of Sandro Iovine, and professional photographers and photojournalists such as Patrice Terraz, Fausto Podavini and Letizia Battaglia, participating in reportage workshops and internships. I’m ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) certified.The whites and blacks, the lights and shadows of a land of sharp contrasts that is Sicily, are my favorite colors. I was been called a photographer with a conceptual, dreamy, and sophisticated style. In 2012 I also entered fashion photography, working for emerging Sicilian designers. I’m currently based in Palermo, Italy.